Program Overview

We are a social recreation/community integration Non-Profit program for intellectually delayed and disabled individuals. Our consumers live at home (mostly with their families) and we transport them to events and help them with social cues and various objectives depending on individual needs. We have a calendar of events that our consumers choose on and each consumer has allotted hours that vary due to their needs. We do not have a set spot instead we utilize the programs/events Shasta County has available. For example, we take consumers to the YMCA, library, and movie theaters as well as local events such as plays and concerts. Our calendar is Tuesday – Saturday mainly but does consist of Sunday and Monday events and concerts as they come up. There are late evenings and weekends that all staff are required to work.  We work with the local Regional Center who funds us and advocates for our consumers. This is just a small overview of what we do. There are many facets to our program, and it is always looking ahead for changes to meet the needs of our individual consumers. 

 Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds

Must pass Background and Drug Test

Must have good Driving Record